SupaVine, kiwifruit cane control system

Why local Te Puke orchardists installed SupaVine on their orchard

Commenting on SupaVine, which they installed in May 2008.

SupaVine is our sustainable business practice choice,
for many reasons...
here are a few...

  • By growing canes up strings we have strong, big canes which gives us bigger fruiting buds, which gives us stronger terminated laterals, which increases our production.
  • We have 35% more fruitlets on SupaVine, than our unstrung (control) block.
  • We are looking at a potential increase of 6000 trays per ca ha this year.
  • The workload has become easier and more consistent because of the bigger stronger canes.
  • With pruning, it’s much easier as the selection has already been made.
  • Wind damage is minimized due to the canes being attached to the strings
  • Our investment in SupaVine will have paid for itself within 2 years
  • We are able to push replacement cane growth directly from the leader
  • We are able to clean up the leaders without losing canopy coverage
  • Supavine decreases winter pruning and tie down, lifts production and minimizes summer work.

We have found that in comparison with TeePees:

  • SupaVine is a one off cost.
  • SupaVine has poles every SECOND BAY rather than every bay.
  • Supavine eliminates wastage with the reusable string (approx. 50 tonnes of string is burned or dumped each year in this region from Teepees).
  • SupaVine is sustainable
  • The string has been in some orchards for 5 years, with no sign of wear.
  • The SupaVine canes are not competing with each other on the string during the growing season.
  • Instead of cutting off the last metre of cane, the entire cane growth is usable and able to be tied down.
Green Kiwifruit on SupaVine
Green Kiwifruit on SupaVine
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