SupaVine, kiwifruit air circulation & growing cane control system

What’s SupaVine?

SupaVine cane control system is a unique, PATENTED stringing system for growing kiwifruit. Developed 7 years ago by engineer Andrew McIsaac in Paengaroa, New Zealand, it provides substantial benefits to the orchard owner and manager.

It is smart, easy, affordable and effective. SupaVine offers a string of grower benefits, including massive reductions in labour and reject rates, as well as increased fruit volumes of superior quality. It also improves air circulation throughout the canopy.

SupaVine has been designed to:

  • Create easy and stress free winter pruning with reduced labour costs
  • Eliminate specialized pruning
  • Improve dry matter
  • Maximize production
  • Lower reject rates
  • Increase efficiency by re-using string, year after year
  • Promote bigger, stronger, healthier new canes, growing up to 9 metres
  • Improve light and air circulation to all canes
  • Reduce shading because leaders are evenly spaced
  • Increase bud growth
  • Reduce risk of fungal disease as leaders are kept clean
  • Minimize wind damage, preventing blowouts
  • Make laying of new canes effortless as there is no bending

Once in place the true benefits of the system such as higher kiwifruit yields, better quality kiwifruit and time savings in orchard management become very apparent.

SupaVine is manufactured by Steel Image Engineering, Paengaroa (Bay of Plenty).

kiwifruit air circulation
kiwifruit growing cane control system
kiwifruit orchard - SupaVine system

SupaVine on Green to G3 conversion

Green Orchardists

SupaVine on Green to G3 conversion

The conversion from Green to G3 last year in July was a smart move for a Te Puke Grower. Unfortunately one third of the graft didn’t take. On January 15th 2011 SupaVine was installed and has more than made up for the loss.

Other orchardists have similar results and are sold on the benefits of Supavine for their orchards.

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Green Kiwifruit on SupaVine.

Green Orchardists

Read why local Te Puke orchardists installed SupaVine on their orchard.

"SupaVine is our sustainable business practice choice,
for many reasons..."

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The SupaVine DVD is available now!

SupaVine DVD

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The SupaVine DVD is available now. This highlights the benefits to growers. See how easy it is to prune and tie down a bay. Please call or email us for your copy

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Here’s what growers are saying about SupaVine

Jan Kerkmeester, grower from Tauranga:

light filled canopy light filled canopy

SupaVine has given us a full, even canopy which maximizes our production area. It lets the light through beautifully due to having the exact amount of replacement canes in the canopy, with the new season’s canes growing up the strings into the sunlight. A dark and dense canopy is a thing of the past. It has made pruning so much faster and easier.

we have bigger, stronger canes...

We have had a real problem with cicada damage in the past but this year we have not lost any canes due to the fact that when lowering them, they fall directly into place with no twisting or bending involved unlike the Teepees.

We have bigger, stronger canes with a lot more flowers on them, with 3-4 flowers per winter bud. We have 100% bud burst this year which is phenomenal. I’ve never seen anything like it. We have a lot less wind damage thanks to the protection of the overhead canopy and virtually no old fruit stalks with the total replacement cane.

I’m sold on it!

You really have to see it to believe it. This is our second year with SupaVine and I am SOLD on it.

Trevor Douglas, Orchard Manager & Ian Schultz, Orchard Owner
Te Puke:

Trevor Douglas Trevor Douglas

We’ve been using SupaVine for the last 5.5 years on our organic kiwi gold and a number of years on our conventional gold.

so easy to use...

Quite simply, it has made life on the orchard so much simpler, it’s very easy to use, uncomplicated, and takes very little training... even explaining it to foreign workers. Apart from that, the labour costs are hugely reduced. We have found that where 10-12 people might have been required for pruning and vine management, we can do the same tasks now with just 4, and even in faster time. What used to take weeks... now takes hours. I can now prune a 25 square metre bay in 5 minutes. You almost have to see it to believe it.

no need for specialist pruners...

It completely cuts out the need for specialist pruners because everything that’s not on the string gets pruned. It takes out the guesswork and gets rid of summer pruning. There is a noticeable increase in bud nodes which are closer because of increased sunlight. Since SupaVine was introduced to our orchard, we have experienced increased fruit volumes each year and high dry matter levels.

every kiwifruit grower will benefit from this system...

Last year the organic gold block produced 9500 trays, (the estimated industry average is 6500) averaging size 32, with the TZG over .75% and with an enviable 19.86% dry matter. We are looking forward to improving on that. Latest figures show that this years results are up over 11,300 trays. Over the last 5 years our reject rate has fallen significantly from 28% to around 12.5% because of the way the fruit is protected by the new seasons canes. Every kiwifruit grower will benefit from this system.

String Trolley

string trolley
  • Lightweight
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Easily stackable for out of season storage

The String Trolley offers an easy solution to your orchard stringing. Lightweight galvanized, the String Trolley comes with 16 string buckets, with extensions available.

Making stringing simple!

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